Valleroy Castle

The first buildings date from the middle of the fourteenth century. In 1426 it was a kind of fort. It was  reshaped according to a recognition of fief by Etienne de Montrost to the Duke of Burgandy Philippe Le Bon.

The sixteenth century marked the time of the prosperity of the castle.  In 1516 Philippe de Montrost, the artillery chief master of the Duke of Burgandy died. The lands and titles passed to his nephew Florent Morel de Vaudrey, the youngest child of the Vaudrey-Saint-Phalle family. He fit out the castle into a seigneurial residence in a renaissance style with large mullioned windows, big fire places galleries, while keeping its defensive aspect. The castle started declining after the thirty years war until the eighteenth century and the buildings became a farm held by a steward.

During the revolution, the castle was sold as a national property in 1794 and then the inhabitants of the village acquired it. After the second world war, it was nearly abandoned and in the sixties, after works, it was retaken in 1992 and gradually restored. Nowadays, the castle is more and more opened to the public : heritage classes, visits, celebrations… Since 2012 it has been the head office of the association France Bourgogne, which offers lots of lectures.




Château de Valleroy
70000 Vallerois-le-Bois


  • Sundays afternoon from easter
    to october 1  

  • Every afternoon from july 14 to august 15 2.30 pm to 6 pm


Tel. +33 (0)6 88 75 46 68


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