The Ognon Valley

«The Ognon valley, a favoured place with a dialogue between the river and lots of testimonies…»

A remarkable architectural heritage

A real historical book, the Ognon valley that a quiet and slow river travels up and down along meadows, fertile lands and wine producing hills, shelters a beautiful and homogeneous heritage. The villages with large houses, typical of Franche-Comté, the house of the general cultivator gather around the church with its onion-shaped dome, its fountains and washing places.

Villages and small towns like Pesmes, Marnay, Rougemont, … which have kept their medieval look after their inhabitants have been able to protect themselves from the invaders with their castles, churches, places and houses.

Old forts such as Montrambert, Etrabonne, Vallerois, Oricourt…

Small castles of presidents and councilors of Besançon Parliament who came by the Ognon river and had their houses built such as Montmirey, Moncley, Jallerange, Boulot, Pin…

Abbeys like Acey where cisterciens monks are still living, and Bellevaux.

Ironworks, factories are remains of the time when the valley was industrial.

Original landscapes

Third river in Franche-Comté, the Ognon crosses two regions and four departments along 215 kilometers. Its east side is very long, its largest width is about 25 kilometers and at Sornay it is no more than 12 kilometers.

Bordered with wooden hills, the low valley of the Ognon alternates with fields, bocages, forests, wet zones and stretches out until the villages and main roads. The average valley with more forests offers the same landscapes with agricultural spaces. The mounts of Chailluz separate it from the valley of the Doubs.

A specific wildlife and flora

The valley of the Ognon has an ecological interest; it has been classified 2nd category in ZNIEFF.

Thanks to its wet environment, it has lots of animal species. Lots of migratory birds stop ans breed in its alluvial meadows. Along the banks, there are herbariums, roses, reeds, bulrushes, willows and the famous alders.