Fondremand Castle

The castle is situated in the heart of a beautiful village with its houses dating from the 15th to the 17th century and its church from the 13th century. It consists of several buildings.

The donjon is the oldest part of the castle, probably dating from the twelfth century. It is quadrilateral, separated vertically by an inner wall. On the ground floor, there are two rooms vaulted in cradle, and the same goes for the first floor which is at the level of the interior court. In one of the rooms on the first floor, all original openings were preserved: three loopholes and a latrine. On the third floor, one clearly distinguishes the traces of two other former levels. This third floor shelters a museum displaying items of day-to-day life, objects used by craftsmen and farming objects. They date roughly from the period 1850-1950.

On the side of the courtyard, the donjon is flanked by a turret dating from the fifteenth - sixteenth century, with a spiral staircase.

A building from the 15th/16th century contains a kitchen vaulted on intersecting ribs with a monumental chimney.
Besides there is another small room vaulted on intersecting ribs.

The stable dates from the second part of the nineteenth century, with five stalls and two boxes, all well preserved.




Château de Fondremand
3 rue du Château
70190 Fondremand

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