Etrabonne Castle

The castle, founded around 1084 by Narduin d’Estrabonne, son of Amaury de Joux, and rebuilt in stones at the beginning of the thirteenth century was widely reshaped during the fifteenth century. In 1471, when the last heir of Estrabonne died, the Aumont family inherited it. Occupied and ransacked in the wars by Louis XI, Henry IV, Louis XIII and Louis XIV, it was burnt out in 1673, and then sold to Jean Pourcheresse, the Fraisans ironworks owner, in 1723. His son Jean-Jacques rebuilt the north wing, around 1740.

It had been converted into a farm since 1570 so that it hasn’t been destroyed during the revolution. It still has its feudal appearance with the remains of an impressive keep that Louis XI troops partly destroyed in 1477.




Château d’Étrabonne
2 chemin du Château
25170 Étrabonne


Visits of the courtyard from july 1 to august 31, and during the European Heritage Day from 9-12 and from 14-17

Guided tours by appointment

Tel. +33 (0)6 14 61 31 60


47° 14’ 03’’ N / 5° 44’ 35’’ E