Cordiron Castle

The first record of Cordiron Castle dates from 1237: Etienne of Burgundy, count of Auxonne, bequeathed his fortress of Cordiron to his oldest son with the same first name Etienne. At this time the castle constructed on a rock oversees the road that links Besancon to Dijon, next to the river Ognon and on the axe Besancon-Langres. About the mid-16th century, the Gorrevod family, by alliance and acquisitions, became the lords of Cordiron, as well as of Marnay and of Cordondray. After their extinction the Bauffremont, their distant cousins, inherited their possessions.

After the French Revolution and the emigration of the last lords of Cordiron, their possessions were nationalized and sold. During 150 years the castle served as farmhouse and suffered heavy degradation during the second half of the 20ieth century. The year 2001 marked the beginning of numerous restaurations.

The actual castle is just the remnant of a once much vaster complex. It consists of the donjon, the curtain/gatehouse and the corps de logis. A staircase tower with its helical staircase permits the access to the different floors.

A bretèche defended the original access still visible in the facade of the donjon. An oak stair, formerly installed in an exterior staircase, is visible in the donjon. During recent restauration campains the donjon was equipped with windows.




Château de Cordiron
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