Bournel Castle

The family of the Marquis de Moustier has owned the estate for more than five centuries (Mouthier Haute-Pierre). Philippe-Xavier de Moustier, the first Marquis, Colonel in the regiment of Grand Dauphin Louis de France, married Louise de Bournel in 1732. The estate is named after her. Around 1735, Louis de Bournel decided to have a new castle built in Cubry, but only a part of the plans was carried out and nowadays, it’s called “vieux chateau”. In the middle of the nineteenth century, Marquis Léonel de Moustier had a modern neogothic castle built by Clement Parent, an architect and a pupil of  Eugène Viollet-le Duc. His son Pierre-René de Moustier had the decoration inside and the chapel achieved in the same style as that of Amboise. He drew gardens “à la française” and planted trees as if it were an English park. From 1890 to 1910 he extended and transformed the “vieux chateau”. The neogothic castle and its chapel were listed a historical monument on the twenty-eighth of august in 1989; the outbuilding, the stables, the farm and the Orival tower were listed too. In the seven hectare park, you can see the garden “à la française”  on the terrace flanked by echauguettes, the kitchen garden with ponds, paths, fruit trees, a cave, a collection of peonies, roses and the English styled park. The set has been registered on historic monuments since 1992.




Château de Bournel
25680 Cubry


Visit of the park and the gardens for groups by appointment

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47° 29’ 19’’ N / 6° 24’ 59’’ E