Boulot Castle

Claude Alexandre Courlet (1647-1719) Vicomte-Maïeur of Besancon and adviser at the Parliament of Franche-Comté, bought the estate and the seigniory of Boulot in 1683. His grand-son, Alexandre-Joseph Courlet de Boulot (1715-1754) didn’t keep the old fort and decided to have a house built with a ground floor raised  by one storey with on the top, a high roof typically comtois, decorated with coat of arms on both main fronts. It was completed at the request of Claude-Francois Courlet de Boulot (1723-1807) who entrusted the Comtois architect Claude-Damien Gardaire, famous for its statues, the task of doing it. The archieved the two magnificent statues, Diana and Apollon, which decorate the two main entrances on the ground floor. The works were finished in 1763 as we can see in the loose-stones cartouche inserted into the ring of the west side front. Theophile Courlet de Boulot (1766-1846) Claude-Francois son transformed the castle in 1827-1828, according to his 'palladien' tastes brought back from emigration. Then he added two more floors (the second one being an attic), on the top, a large terrace roof with a triangle in its center. In 1829 a four sided roof replaced the terrace roof, which was better because of the climate. The direct descendants are still the owners of the castle listed ISMH since 1994.




Château de Boulot
70190 Boulot


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from july 20 to september 20.
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third week-end of september.


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