Acey Abbey

In 1136, Cherlieu Abbey recently founded by Clairvaux Abbey, establiched its first erection in the valley of the river Ognon. Thanks to Anseric, the archibishop of Besancon and Raynaud III, the count of Burgandy, Acey was born. The importance of the original buildings, particularly the church let us think that a great community of people used to live there. After two centuries’ property, Acey had difficulties. Both monks and their neighbours suffered from invasions, wars and economical problems. Most buildings were abandonned and no longer looked after and around 1650, the vaults of the first six rows in the central nave of the church collapsed. Later on, in 1683 a fire destroyed the monastery of the twelfth century. In the eighteenth century, Franche-Comté became a French  and peaceful land. People started rebuilding the abbey and in 1780, the works were over, but ten years later, the revolution scattered the monks and the properties. Around 1855, a new community was born. In 1937 Acey abbey recovers and until nowadays, it has never failed. Today’s community is doing its best to keep the spirit of the first Citeaux, the only heir of three monasteries for men founded in the twelfth century in Franche-Comté.




Abbaye d’Acey
39350 Vitreux


The church only can be visited.
During the week : 8 am to 12 / 2 pm to 6 pm On Sundays : 8 am to 10.30 am / 2 pm to 4.30 pm


47° 15’ 42’’ N / 5° 39’ 25’’ E

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